Elia Navarro

*1986, Barcelona. Lives and works in Basel/Zürich.

Master of Fine Arts at the Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst, Basel, 2013-2016.  Certificate Video Editor UCLA, California. Freelance video editor and video creator.

Experience and Projects

2019 – present       Video Editor and producer bei Youstream                       

                                 Videoproduktion, Zürich.


2019 – present       Video Editor at Stüssi Betonfabrikation, Zürich.


2018 – 2020            Video Operator at Opernhaus Zürich.


2018 – present       Video Editor at FLUX Crew, Basel-Zürich.


2018 – present       Video Editor and Media Content Creator at 

                                  Ensemble Cantaderas, Basel.


2017 – 2018             Editing Assistance at Dschoint Ventschr           

                                  Filmproduktion (Chris the Swiss by Anja Kofmel), Zürich.                                                    

2017 – 2018             Editing Internship at Dschoint Ventschr Filmproduktion,



2013 – present        Freelance Videomaker, private clients.          




Art Projects and exhibitions


2018   Regionale 19:  Exhibition at the Kunstverein Freiburg.                                                    Regionale 19:  Exhibition at the HeK, Basel.

            Spotlight: Incógnito #1: Premiere of the multidisplinary work Dans                           les noirceurs (collaboration with Isabel Benito -composer- and                                   Georgi Gill -poet- at the RNCM, Manchester.

2017   Enter for Newcomer: Elia Navarro - Solo exhibition at DOCK, Basel.

            Video-∑ - Screening of "...the stranger and the white noise" at Neues                        Kino, Basel.


2016   0=θ.2 – Prints, fabric and light installation by Klara Frick and Elia                                Navarro at the Galerie Platz für Kunst, Rapperswil.

             0=θ –Two channel video and sound installation by Klara Frick and Elia                      Navarro at Artachment, Basel.

            Every contact leaves a trace – Master Diploma group exhibition at                          the Kunsthalle, Basel.

            Liste Total – Group exhibition during Art Basel at the Kaskaden-

            kondensator, Basel.

            Moving Image Fridays! – Video screening at the Museum für neue                          Kunst, Freiburg.

            Bizarre Sound Creatures – Video Screening at the Bizarre Creatures

            Festival, Eindhoven.

            Vox Fabulae: Arthur – Performance, music and narration at the                                  Unternehmen der Mitte, Basel.

2015   Irma la douce, revisited – Group exhibition at the Penthouse Gallery,                      Zürich.

            Die Sehnsuchtige Stadt – Urban intervention as a part of the Die                              Sehnsuchtige Stadt collective project in Basel.

            I never read – Sound work at the INR Radio Station during the I Never                      Read fair at the Kaserne Kiosk, Basel.

            Für Sigi Feigel: Mit dem Gesetzt gegen Rassismus? –  Audio-visual                        homage to Sigi Feigel, on the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of his                        death at the Volkshaus, Zürich and Burgbachsaal, Zug.

            Vox Fabulae: She, I  – Performance, music and narration at the

            Unternehmen der Mitte, Basel.

2014   Vox Fabulae: The Spring – Performance, music and narration at the                          Offene Bühne Basel.

            Untitled (Vertigo, Dressed to Kill, The International) – Sound

            Installation  (collective work with A. Cerullo and G. Bloch) at the 

            exhibition "...till it seemed  only the feet could see",

            Kaskadenkondensator, Basel.

            Tempus Fugit... – Sound, light and sculpture installation at the Master                      Pavilion of the Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst, Basel. 

            Translucid I – Audio-visual work at the Master Pavilion of the                                      Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst, Basel. 

            Inverted Mirrors – Audio-visual 3D interactive installation as a

            presentation of the digital tool LUDOSONICA (developed by Playful                          Media Practices, the HGK and the Hochschüle für Technik). Critical      

            Media Lab, HGK Basel.

2013   Regionale Art Fair – Inmersion, Audio work for the Bus Tour at the 

            Regionale Art Fair, Basel.

            Parallel Paths – Video and sound installation at the Master

            Pavilion of the Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst, Basel. 

            Freqüència Art Festival – Mind Waves, light and sound installation

            at the Freqüència 2013 Art Festival, Barcelona. 

2012   Deserts between – Music for 18 musicians and special spatialisation                        at the Auditorium of the Hochschule für Musik, Basel.

            Light Echoes  – Music for ensemble and light design at Hangar.org,                          Barcelona.

            Somni Paradoxal – Electronic music and light design at Hangar.org,                        Barcelona.

2011     Sebka – Music for three percussionists at the Festival Vacances

             Percutantes, Bordeaux.

             L'Autre – Music and theatre performance at the Auditorium of CRR

             of Cergy-Pontoise, Paris.

             Happy new ears – Blanc, music and performance for voice,  

             alto saxophone and prepared piano at the Auditorium of the

             Hochschule für Musik, Basel.

2010    Tao – Music and performance for saxophone quartet at the

             Auditorium of the Music Highschool of Balearian Islands, Mallorca.  

             O.m.n.i. – Music for bass clarinet and special lighting at the

             Auditorum of the Highschool of Music of Catalonia, Barcelona.

2009    Les Menines – Musical tour, collaboration with the Picasso Museum                         at the Picasso Museum, Barcelona.      

             Ab surd!  –  Music theatre for voice and double bass at the 

             Auditorum of the Highschool of Music of Catalonia, Barcelona.

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